What effect does the rolling plating process of galvanized chain have?

Roll plating is a method of processing galvanized iron chain, it is a certain number of small parts placed in a special drum, under the rolling state, in an indirect conductive way to make the surface of the parts deposited on a variety of metal or alloy coating, in order to achieve the surface protection decoration and various functional purposes of an electroplating processing.

First of all, the chain has been cleaned into the drum, the parts by its own gravity will be the cathode conductive device tightly pressed in the drum, in order to ensure that the parts by the plating of the required current can be smoothly transmitted. Then, the drum rotates in a certain direction at a certain speed, and the parts tumble and drop after being rotated in the drum. At the same time, after the main metal ions are affected by the electric field, they are reduced to metal coatings on the surface of the parts, and the fresh solution outside the drum is continuously replenished into the drum through countless holes on the drum wall.

And the old liquid in the drum and the hydrogen produced in the electroplating process are discharged out of the drum through these holes, so as to complete the rolling plating process of the galvanized chain.


Post time: Jul-04-2020

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