How should the chain be maintained

How to maintain shenyang chain, do you know?

1. Refueling and maintenance of the chain

Frequent addition of lubricating oil to various parts of the chain can effectively reduce wear of the chain and sprocket.

2. Tension of the chain

Please confirm the tensioning of each chain, too tight will add power consumption, too loose will easily cause the chain to fall off, so the chain should be within the correct tortuous interval.

3. Maintenance of the chain when not in use for a long time

Each homework finished, because of the large harvester in homework dust, mud affect transmission chain easy to stain the dust, should be regularly cleaned and can be washed in clean diesel, again in oil for about thirty minutes later, coated wrapped in dry place, yellow sprocket also use diesel to wipe clean, butter rust, chain wheel wear serious, should replace new sprocket and chain at the same time, guarantee the outstanding touch. Do not replace the new chain or sprocket alone, otherwise it will form a bad mesh, speed up the wear of the new chain or sprocket. Sprocket tooth surface wear to a certain extent should be timely rolling (refers to the sprocket tooth surface adjustable) to extend the use of time.

Shenyang chain

4. Chain type

There are many kinds of chains, which can be divided into: transmission chain, transmission chain, decorative chain, tensioning chain and special chain. According to the chain structure, it can be divided into roller chain, sleeve chain, plate chain, nylon chain, scraper chain, ring chain and so on.

5. Chain structure

Most chains consist of chain plates, chain pins, bushings, and other components. Other types of chains only make different changes to the chain plate according to different needs. Some are equipped with a scraper, some with a guide bearing, and some with a roller. These are modifications that are used in different applications.

6. Main smooth parts of the chain

The smooth part of the general chain is mainly sprocket, roller chain, chain and axle chain. Because the chain structure is different, the smooth part of the chain may also change. In most chains, however, the smooth components are mainly sprocket and roller chains, sprocket chains, and axle chains.

Because the gap between the shaft and the sleeve of the chain is very small, smoothness is difficult. For special chains, such as chains with bearings, rollers, and other friction pairs, please consider the smooth parts of these friction pairs.

Post time: Aug-20-2020

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