How can ring chains reduce wear

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Ring chain is made up of multiple metal ring, it is mainly used for important lifting device with hoisting machinery operation, due to the load is relatively large, the frequent use for a long time, the wear degree is more and more big, when the wear reaches a certain degree, it is necessary to carry out the new hoist chain scrapped and replaced, here is how to reduce wear and ensure its use for a long time.


Seal should be appropriate, not too loose or too tight, if too tight will increase consumption, bearing and chain will accelerate wear; If it’s too loose, you might have a jump chain; New and old NE elevator chains should not be mixed as far as possible, because the distance between the chains is not synchronized, the load may be concentrated on a chain, and the chain can not fully bear the load and fracture.


Good lubrication, can produce a layer of oil film, improve the sensitivity at the same time, protect the hoist chain from temperature; Adjust the length according to the working environment. If the length is too long, you need to reduce the workload. Overload is strictly prohibited. Carefully check the tightness of the chain is appropriate, whether mixed with the new ring chain, lubrication, length is appropriate, whether overload, I hope you pay more attention to the above aspects in the actual work.


Post time: Jun-24-2020

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