Do you know how to clean the chain?

Most of the chain in the market is made of stainless steel, because the raw material of stainless steel is relatively hard. Strong load-bearing force, but when the use of a long period of time, it will also be stained with sludge, oil stains and other effects of use, so how do we use it in the process of cleaning? Chain manufacturers tell you that in fact its cleaning is also a few tips, master these tips can be a lot less effort when cleaning.

Professionals show that often see some people in the chain cleaning the use of some strong acid or shooting detergent, think that these detergent can remove the chain rust, in fact, strong alkali may strong acid detergent contains many chemical components, will lead to the corrosion of the raw materials of the chain, eventually cause the chain cracking phenomenon

In addition, it should be noted that the bearing part of the chain will be stained with a lot of lubricating oil in the application process. However, the organic solvent to remove oil and stains shall not be used in the cleaning process. Once used, the roller lubricating oil will be cleaned off, resulting in internal driness.

So what kind of cleanser to use when cleaning the chain? We choose those neuter cleaner commonly, for instance can use water and neuter spout the spout that spout mixes, although spout has certain ability to remove a few grease, but to all influence is not big.

When the chain should be promptly checked after cleaning dry, if the chain has more stubborn grime, can use the toothbrush cooperation spout water to clean.

Generally in rainy days, perhaps more humid environment after use, should be cleaned in a timely manner, so that the chain can maintain better performance.


Post time: Sep-28-2020

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