Chain cleaning and maintenance time

1. Reduced variable speed performance during cycling.


2. Too much dust or sludge on the chain.


3. Noise is generated when the transmission system is running.


4. Cluck while pedaling because the chain is dry.


5. Leave in the rain for a long time.


6. When driving on ordinary roads, maintenance is required at least once every two weeks or about every 200 km.


7. Clean and maintain at least once every 100 km on off-road roads. Even in more hostile environments, each ride requires cleaning and maintenance.


Chain cleaning


One of the most frequently discussed and debated topics for chain cleaning is, what detergent should be used?


My advice is don’t chain direct immersion on diesel, gasoline, kerosene, WD to 40, to agents of this kind of strong acid and strong alkali cleaner, because the chain of the inner ring of bearing injection is of high viscosity oil (commonly known as butter, English name: grease), once after wash, dry can make the inner ring, no matter how much later plus chains of low viscosity oil, have nothing to fill.

Recommended cleaning methods

Hot soapy water, hand sanitizer, take a discarded toothbrush or a slightly harder brush can also, doused with water directly scrub, cleaning effect is not too good, and need to dry after cleaning, otherwise it will rust.


Special chain cleaner, are generally imported products, cleaning effect is good, and the lubrication effect is very good, professional car shop has sales, but the price is more expensive, taobao is also sold, economic basis is better car friends can consider.


Metal powder, find a larger container, take a spoonful of boiling water, remove the chain in the water and clean with a hard brush.


Advantage: can be very easy to clean the greasy dirt on the chain, and generally will not clean the butter in the inner ring, no irritation, and do not hurt the hands, this thing is to do mechanical work masters often wash their hands with, the safety is very strong. Some bigger hardware store can buy (Zhengtai generally have to sell), a kilogram pack is about ten yuan, affordable price.


Disadvantages: As the auxiliary is water, the chain must be dried or dried after cleaning, which takes a long time.



Post time: Jul-23-2020

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